Friday, November 17, 2006

Still here - still not spanked

It has been way too long.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Still no spanking

Well, I still haven't gotten a spanking. I keep adding things to my list. Yesterday she said "maybe I should beat some sense into you". Yes, she should. I'm so out of focus. I didn't hardly sleep at all the night before last, and not much more last night. I can't seem to make a decision about anything, and it seems like I'm not getting a damn thin accomplished. I know that she is in a lot of pain, and that she has a lot on her mind, but my problems need to be dealt with soon. I have to go on a business trip next week, and I can't imagine that I'll be able to function away from home if I don't get at least one really good spanking before I have to leave, and one every day until I leave would be better. God, I hate the thought of that. More when I can...

Friday, September 08, 2006

Notes & photos

My wife told me this morning that her hands are too sore to give me what I need right now, but we'll catch up later. Then she apologized for letting me go for so long. She also gave me a good scolding, and had me add a few things to my already long list. The first two of the photos in this post are from a day so after one of my sessions in May, and the other two were taken on 6/22/06, the day after my last session in June.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

My new group at Yahoo!

Some time ago I had a group for this subject matter on Yahoo! and something on it didn't please their censors, so they killed my user ID. I've set up a new group and hopefully we'll get people bouncing back and forth from that group to this blog. The link below should get you there. You'll have to sign up for a Yahoo! account if you don't already have one (and everybody should). It's free.

Another evening without a spanking

Well, I made it through last night without getting a spanking, but I know it will be coming soon. And I also know that it will be really bad when it does happen.

I've posted some other things that I hope will be of interest this morning, so be sure to read further down.

From others - Number 1

In addition to my own accounts and posts from you out in blogland, I'll be including true stories from other spankees and spankers that come to me from other sources. This one is the first such account. This one came from an aquaintance a few years ago.

by Richard Arthur

My parents were not wealthy people by any description, but they were able (by scrimping and saving), to send me to a fairly prestigious, and very private, all-boys academy beginning with first grade, after I had completed kindergarten in a public school. Although the school was located in my home state of Wisconsin, it was operated in more of an English style. Corporal punishment was the norm for a wide range of behavioral problems, poor performance in class and on homework, lack-luster effort in the gymnasium, and more. Luckily (or not) the academy was quite close to our home, so I wasn't one of the boarded students. The boarding staff were as prone to use corporal punishment as the academic staff was, but so were my parents. Though they were very conservative, my parents did believe in being very liberal in one area: Administering discipline to the bare bottom of a bad boy. My brother (my only sibling, and six years my senior), received corporal punishment from our parents well into his late twenties. My last paddling from my mother and whipping with a belt from my father, came when I was nearly thirty years old, almost five years into my marriage, and only a month before I was to become a father for the first time myself.
Well, enough of that, and on to the title event. My first experience of receiving the school cane came when I was eleven years old in the fall of 1970. Before then, I'd been spanked and paddled by several of my teachers and other staff members, but managed to avoid the dreaded cane. And, as yet, I had not received my first switching at home either. Five of us had been caught together in an out-of-bounds area of the school grounds by the recess supervisor after lunch on a Monday. She took our names and we thought that the most we would incur would be a detention (and, of course for me, the resulting spanking at home). However, the full horror dawned on us on Tuesday morning when each of the five of us received "Report to the Office" orders at roll call. These pink slips of paper had the following words on them: "Five strokes of the cane". We were told to report to the principal at the end of the school day.One member of our group had been caned before, and he told the rest of us what to expect. We had all heard the rumors about the cane being given across the bare buttocks, but he assured us that this was not going to happen. However, to my dismay, he said that even across the seat of your pants the cane was unbelievably painful, and that he had gotten it on his underwear his last time. The prospect of waiting for the caning to come ensured that we all spent a miserable day. Try as I might I just couldn't get the thought of the cane out of my mind. When we arrived in the office and checked in with the secretary at the appointed time, we were left to wait seated on the hard wooden benches for about ten minutes before we were called in as a group for the usual lecture about our bad behavior. Then we were ushered back to the wooden benches and told to wait until our individual names were called.I recall being really afraid of what was to come by this time, and it was another ten minutes before my friend Andrew (the one who had been caned before) was called in. A minute or so after the door was closed behind him we heard the swoosh and crack of the cane, and Andrew's yelps, five times. A minute later Andrew emerged looking very red in the face, but not quite in tears. David was called in next. The five strokes were repeated, and David returned to us at the benches. He was in tears, and Andrew had started crying by this time. Then it was Mike's turn. A minute after his five strokes ended, Mike returned to be seated, and he was crying as well. Scott was next. A year younger than the rest of us, and small for his age, I felt especially bad for him. It was longer after the fifth crack of the cane before Scott returned, and he was bawling like a baby. His crying had a terrible effect on me, and finally, it was my turn. I tried to brace myself, but my legs were like jelly as I walked up to the principal's desk, and I was nearly in tears already. The thin cane looked quite harmless lying there on the desk, but I was soon to realize that it was anything but! I was commanded to drop my pants to my ankles, and bend over the back of a wooden chair. I heard the swooshing sound as the cane descended, followed by a sharp crack as it found its target. When it first landed I wondered what all the fuss was about, but a second later the searing pain which tore through my buttocks made me realize once and for all why the cane was so dreaded. I hardly had time to steel myself before the second stroke landed on almost the same spot. Christ, it hurt like hell's fire! Luckily my punishment ended after five strokes as the others' had, but five was quite enough, believe me.
We five were very well-behaved indeed for some time after that caning. Of course, what I got at home that evening and the following weekend served quite nicely to reinforce the lesson learned from the principal.
My mother received the report of my behavior and punishment from the secretary while she was waiting to take me home. The drive home went by very slowly in total silence. Once there, I was allowed a five minute bathroom and changing break. Next I was ordered against the kitchen wall for a thirty minute time-out. When mother announced that my time-out was over, she already had a chair pulled out to the middle of the kitchen, and my paddle in hand. I walked to her and waited a moment for what was to come. After a minute that seemed like an hour, she said I would receive a fifteen minute bare bottom spanking with my paddle, and then a one hour bare bottom time-out. When she finished speaking she seated herself on the chair, and laid the paddle on the floor. Then she slowly undid my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles, then pulled my briefs down to just above my knees. With this completed, she positioned me over her left knee and placed her right leg across my legs. She then picked up the paddle and laid it very gently on my bare bottom, and told me that we would wait the four-and-a-half minutes until the clock read 4:00PM. What a long wait that was! After fifteen minutes of paddling at the rate of nearly one stroke per second(something around 750 to 800 strokes), I was stood back against the wall bawling like a baby, and told not to move until I was told that my hour was up. Father was home by that time, and I had to tell him everything. His decision was that I would receive a small whipping at bedtime, and my final punishment for the incident bright and early on Saturday morning. That night at bedtime wasn't so bad. I bared my butt and laid face down across the foot of my bed for about twenty-five strokes of my father's belt, then pulled my pj's up and cried myself to sleep. Right after breakfast on Saturday morning was a different story, though. I got my first experience in a position that I'd seen my brother assume many times. In the living room in front of the entire family including my grandmother, I was told to remove my jeans and underwear. Then I had to kneel on the sofa, bend over the arm of it, and place the palms of my hands flat on the floor. Once I had properly assumed the position with my backside at the ready, my father explained that I would be receiving one hundred strokes with his belt, plus ten extra for each time that I raised a hand off of the floor. Try as I may, I couldn't hold the position perfectly throughout, and ended up receiving forty extra. This was followed by a time-out against the wall of one minute per stroke, or two hours and twenty minutes, in just my shirt and socks. Amazingly, as I recall I went nearly two months afterward without so much as a swat.

Some working rules and guidelines

Following is a pretty good set of guidelines for beginning husband spankers, and their beginning spankees.

















9. FEET SHOULDER WIDTH APART, TOES THAT SAME DISTANCE FROM THE WALL, HANDS FLAT AGAINST THE WALL SLIGHTLY ABOVE HEAD LEVEL, AND TIP OF NOSE TOUCHING WALL. (This, along with standing with the nose in a corner and the hands clasped behind the back, are excellent time-out positions as well).


1. Boys under age 10 should receive fairly frequent, but usually mild to moderate spankings (basically just to get their attention so that they will listen to you). For minor bad behavior, the number of swats with the smallest paddle on the seat of the pants should be equal to the age in years, ranging up to five times the age on the bare bottom with a medium-sized paddle for the most serious problems.

2. When boys reach about 10 up through about 14, spankings should be longer, harder, even more frequent, and more of them should be on the bare bottom. The smallest paddle should be relegated to decorative use, and a couple of larger ones brought into the routine, one of which should have holes in the business end. Whipping should be introduced at this age range as well, with belt, razor strop, switch, or rod, and also on the bare bottom. In this age range, the number of strokes of a whipping or serious spanking can be determined by the one to five times the age formula, depending on the severity of the misdeed. For routine spankings, however, the formula of one to five times the age equaling the number of minutes of over-the-knee spanking with a medium-sized paddle can be used quite effectively.

3. From about age 15 through 30 is when most boys need the most frequent and most severe spankings and whippings.

4. Beyond age 30 the severity of the spankings and whippings should be maintained, but the frequency MAY be able to be decreased in the cases of boys who learn their lessons well between 15 and 30 (this is a rare boy indeed, however).


From my earliest memories of about age two-and-a-half or so, up past my High School graduation and through age nineteen, I received a spanking or whipping about once a week on average. That said, I sometimes went a few weeks or even months without any, and other times got spanked every day for a week or more. By the time I reached twenty corporal punishment became less frequent, but continued until my last whipping from my dad when I was thirty-two, had been married for almost six years, and was about to become a father myself.

Most of the spankings in the early years were from my mom with a yardstick or hairbrush, either on my underwear or bare bottom. A few were from my dad with his hand on the seat of my pants, underwear, or occasionally my bare bottom. By about age five mom's yardstick was replaced with a 48 inch ruler which dad had cut in half and glued the two pieces together, making a paddle ruler 24 inches long, 2 inches wide, and over 1/2 inch thick. Also about this age I started getting dad's doubled belt on the seat of my pants and on my pajamas at bedtime. When I was around seven years old I got my first switchings on the seat of my pants from both mom and dad. By age eight almost all of my spankings at home were on my bare bottom, and almost never with the hand. At age nine I started getting most of my whippings with either a belt or switch on my bare bottom as well. For my tenth birthday my dad got my mom a larger wooden paddle with my name woodburned on one side, which mom started using sometimes, but the paddle ruler was her main implement until I was about twelve. The summer that I turned twelve my dad got himself a whipping belt to use on me that was thicker and heavier than the belt he wore. This whipping belt and the paddle with my name on it continued to be used quite frequently for many years.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


To expand on what is stated in my profile, I'm a gay man in my mid- to late forties who has been married to a woman for over twenty years. My wife is my best friend, and I am hers. She has known for a number of years that I'm gay, and that isn't an issue in our lives. We have two sons, both of whom get the occasional spanking from either of us (but not as often as I did when I was a boy), and, in their younger years, from their grandparents. Their spankings are usually with the hand or hairbrush, and so far the older one has gotten the belt only once (when he took a flying leap off the stairway and kicked his younger brother in the leg for no apparent reason). Both are very intelligent and quite well-behaved in general. The older one is somewhat lazy at times, and has a teenage mouth. Of course, what can I really say about the way he talks. One of his teachers said this to him after school recently: "The principal was trying to royally fuck up the scheduling for this year, and he succeeded". True enough, but when a teacher talks to a high school student like that, there isn't really much a parent can do about the way the kid talks. Our youngest, on the other hand, is somewhat over-active; not to the point of ADHD, but more hyper than normal.

And that brings us back to me. I'm mildly adult ADD/ADHD myself, which is why improving focus is one of the reasons my wife spanks me. A burst of intense (but non-injurious) pain brings everything into very clear focus for a time (this effect usually lasts from several days to a couple of weeks), and makes me much more highly functional. Furthermore, since disciplinary spanking began, I never get nearly as far out of focus as I used to.

But I've gotten ahead of myself. Early on in our marriage (within the first six or eight months), my wife started giving me playful and erotic spankings quite frequently; often twice or three times a week. Then about three months before our first child was born (this was almost six years into our marriage), we mutually decided that I needed to be better focused, better behaved, and most importantly, much more responsible. I'll fill in the details on how this came about in a later post, but the evening we made that decision my wife took my belt out of my jeans, told me to bare my bottom and lay face-down across the foot of our bed with the pillows under my middle, and she gave my a good whipping that made me cry like a baby. Since then my disciplinary spankings have gone in streaks. I've gone as long as eighteen months without one, and once in a period of 67 days I received 37 spankings (including on two occasions, two spankings on the same day). As I've said, I don't like to get it, but I do recognize that I need it. I don't usually ask for it even when I know I'm over due, but I also usually don't try to get out of it when she brings it up.

With that I better wrap this up and get it posted. I already have to add a 21st item to my list, because I've spent far too much time on the computer today while my wife has been away.

Your stories are welcome

All of you spankees and spankers out there in blogland are welcome to post your stories here. Please keep them to true-life accounts. I don't want this to be the place for fantasy or fiction.

My last spanking, and my next one

My last spanking was on June 21st, over two months ago. At that time I hadn't done anything specific wrong, it was just a reminder session. Even though it wasn't punishment for any bad behavior, it was still a long and painful spanking. I received a total of 100 strokes with various paddles and a belt. I started crying on about the third or fourth stroke, and it finished with the light weight, but very painful grooved butter paddle.

In later posts I'll explain the disciplinary program that I'm on in detail, but for now I'll just give a few basic points: (1) All spankings for punishment, disciplinary maintenance, motivation, and improving focus, are given on my bare bottom. They are given with one, or usually with a combination, of several implements that we have for the purpose, which I will list and describe later. And they are a minimum of fifty strokes, and they are very painful and humiliating. The only time I get spanked on my pants or underwear, and the very few times I get a hand spanking, are playful and erotic. (2) I'm supposed to be on a regular schedule of maintenance discipline (about once a week works out best for me), but since my wife doesn't like to spank me, and I don't like to get it, as well as other factors, I often go too long between spankings, start behaving really badly, and then have to get it really badly. That is what's going to have to happen in the next day or so. (3) Some of the reasons I can receive punishment spankings are in the following list, which is the 20 things I've done wrong since my last spanking in June (listed in order), for which I have to be spanked soon. a. Not making a required business phone call. b. Not paying a bill on time. c. Wasting time that I should have spent working. d. Being too impatient with the kids. e. Not getting a project done on time. f. Not getting a different project done on time. g. Procrastinating. h. Screwing up a simple task. i. Not checking in regularly when I'm traveling. j. Not accepting responsibility for screwing up a simple project, and mouthing off about it. k. Not checking to make sure things are packed. l. More procrastinating. m. Still more procrastination, resulting in more expense than necessary. n. Being late paying the same bill two months in a row. o. Not finishing (or even starting) another project. p. Being late paying another bill, and having to pay a late fee. q. Not doing a very simple task properly, resulting in more work for my wife. r. Procrastination again. s. And still more procrastinating, resulting in more expense (in all of these cases I have been procrastinating over different things). t. Having a really bad attitude and being mouthy yesterday morning. There are many other things for which I can receive punishment spankings, and I'll get into some more of those in later posts as well.

Well, I guess I'll close for now. I'll probably be getting a very painful spanking either this evening or tomorrow for everything on the above list. I'll let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


The limits on the header space required using an abbreviated Mission Statement, so here's more detail.


This blog is primarily concerned with the spanking of adult males, however we do recognize that spanking is appropriate for both genders and all ages.


We are dedicated to the principle that spanking is one of the many valid, appropriate, and effective forms of punishment, and of teaching and maintaining discipline. Spanking is appropriate for both genders and all ages, either used as the sole or primary disciplinary tool, or as one of several used in combination. As we continue on we will discuss guidelines and 'limits', as well as the many forms of corporal punishment. But first and foremost, this is a pro-spanking blog. If you are opposed to the use of spanking, or if you are not genuinely interested in learning more about the subject in hopes of becoming pro-spanking, please leave now.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New blog - ADULTS ONLY

This blog is for adult bloggers only - I don't want to get into any trouble. It will take me awhile to get this up and fine-tuned, but here are some basics: This blog is primarily for guys who get spanked by their wives or girlfriends (or both). It is also primarily for real disciplinary spanking topics, but erotic spankings will come into play a lot as well. Beyond that, read my profile and keep checking back!